thus far

Flew out to Minneapolis on Northwest Airlines. It’s great to stand in the terminal looking at the plane you’re about to get on and see NWA on the side. Fabulous. What was not fabulous was the lack of lunch. I fly Continental pretty much every time I go somewhere, and they feed you if you fly during “meal time,” which we did today. 11AM to 2PM. No chow. You could buy a bag of pretzels for a few bucks. And it’s not like airplane food is good, but you want it anyway. Makes you feel better about that three or four hundred bucks you dropped on the ticket. This is hack territory for comics, so I’ll move on. Not that I’m a comic.

The first bumper sticker I saw on the freeway was “Impeach Bush.”

Autumn and I went to the nearest coffee shop as soon as we dropped our bags in our rooms. Caribou Coffee. Slightly different take on the coffee concept. But not really. Since we were out of our element and stupid from hunger, it took us a while to figure out what we wanted. Autumn ordered something, the dude started making it, then she changed her mind. I told her the dude was already making it, but the dude said not to worry about it. He and the other person who worked there were incredibly patient. Ridiculously so. They were so nice I almost wanted to slap them around a bit. Not really. Well, a little. Don’t know if that’s a Minnesota thing or if they were both just really, really stoned.

Went next door to Burger King (as I said, we were hungry). I got some chicken strips with buffalo sauce. The sauce was a very bizarre, glowing orange color. And it kind of tasted like it looked, now that I think about it. I accidentally spilled some on the bedspread. Hopped up to get a washcloth to do my best to clean it up. The shit practically jumped onto the cloth. The bedspread must be Scotchguard-ed or something. And, no, I don’t need any of you to tell me other things that might have made the fabric impenetrable. I’ve had enough of those thoughts already as I walk around the room in flip flops.

My view from the hotel room is of some sort of industrial thingy. It reminds me of the Ed Sacks silos that were on Studemont. And there are pretty regular trains huffing through there. Much better than Autumn’s view of the big neon Arby’s sign.

A lot of the roads in this city are under construction, and there seem to be a lot of vacant buildings. The university campus has some interesting architecture and there is definitely some good theatre (that’s one reason the TCG conference is here), so I should be out and about the rest of my nights here.

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