cavity search, “security”

I was bitching to a coworker about the ridiculous “security” experience at Verizon Theater Monday night when she said, “Well, at least you know that no one at the show was carrying a gun.” To which I replied, “That was only a couple of hours of my life. I spend my days not knowing who has a gun, and I make it just fine. I don’t think we need metal detectors inside the swooshing double doors of my friendly neighborhood Kroger in order for me to have a pleasant shopping experience.” She looked at me funny and walked off. I’m used to that sort of thing.

Before entering Verizon, a “security” guard waved a magic wand all over my body (but not in a good way). Then another “security” guard stopped me just outside the door to do a visual scan because she couldn’t believe I wasn’t carrying a purse. I have pockets, bitch! Then every time we went to get a drink or pee, no fewer than THREE “security” guards asked to see our tickets. It was a GENERAL ADMISSION show. I asked one of them why. Why did they keep checking this shit over and over again? In theory, shouldn’t everyone in the building either be a worker or person who paid entry? Evidently not, said the “security” guard. So I asked him how, exactly, a person could enter the building without a ticket. He had no answer. I suppose because an answer would make his job obsolete.

This post-9/11 “security” shit is getting out of hand, and it’s giving people like my coworker a false sense of, well, security. Taking your shoes off at the airport is the same thing. A stupid waste of time. A bit of theatre designed to make the people think that the gubment is paying attention and handling its business. All bullshit


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