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Yesterday’s Dilettante column was about how to deal with a weather event.

What a busy weekend. Saturday I went to Austin for my cousin’s baby shower. Last night I went to my friend Alvaro’s wedding. The couple wrote their own vows, which normally would spell trouble. But the dude is a playwright and the chick is an actor/director, so the vows were short, sweet and not at all maudlin. The ceremony was over in about ten minutes. Now THAT’S the length a wedding should be. The only people who could possibly enjoy a long ceremony would be the couple, and I’m not sure that even they dig it. Maybe the people who are paying for the wedding feel like they get their money’s worth if the ceremony drags on and on. The couple is Latino, so I was kind of surprised when they did the grand march during the reception. I don’t think I’ve seen that action since I lived in the country around all those Germans. So we got up and did it. There was just the right mix of alcohol and old people to make it loads of fun.

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