drunk children

Houstonist’s public happy hour was last night, and it was populated with the normal randomness of previous HHs. What was most interesting to me about last night, other than the odd trio of district attorneys who attended, was being around two really, really drunk young ‘uns. I rarely hang with people that young, and if I do they can generally handle their alkiehall. It’s a requirement for being my friend. These two were having a tough time (who the hell drinks wine at a place like Kay’s anyway?), and they put on an amazing show. It reminded me of my youth…when I watched other people act like that. I’ve always been a precocious drinker. Well, mostly. There are a few memories that I’m slowly backing away from as if they never happened. What’s funny about that is the majority of those “incidents” occurred after my mid-twenties. Maybe it was hormones or something.

I’m tracking my computer’s journey online. It’s not going to get here until maybe Tuesday. Bummer. I was hoping to play with it all weekend. The good thing is, it’ll be here in time for my trip to Minneapolis. That means I don’t have to go for a week without getting online. Whew.

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