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New column is up.

I’m working up the budget for the production I’m putting on in Houston. Do any of you band guys have a suggestion for a good place to get color postcards printed? I want to do 4X6 full color on one side and black and white on the other. Found a website that charges $150 for 1,000. Seems like a good deal. Yes? If you have a better suggestion, please share.

I grew up with a dad who drove a pick-up. Still does. Never once do I remember him wishing he had “more tie-downs” as are constantly mentioned in a commercial for some pick up (can’t remember which one because I always make fun of the actors’ fake hick accents). Seems to me like creating more tie-downs is a really cheap thing to do to a truck – is that really going to make you buy a specific vehicle? Eh, what do I know. I’ve never driven a pick-up.

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