ouch, that’s my head

To enter and exit the Alley garage, you have to wave a parking card at a little red light. When the little light turns green, it means you can proceed. To keep out the riff-raff, there’s an automatic white arm-thingy that only goes up once the light is green. I’ve been working at the Alley for almost three years now, and every day as I drive under the raised arm, I wait for it to come crashing down and smack me on the head. I used to think it was because the roof of my car is basically just canvas, but I’ve driven rental cars in and out and still waited for the smack. I do the same thing at RR crossings. Every time I drive over tracks, on some internal level I’m expecting a train to slam into my car. I’m always glad when it doesn’t happen, of course, but I wouldn’t be completely surprised if it did. I think it’s some need to be over-prepared.

Of course, I over-prepare for shit that (hopefully) will never happen but then get cold-cocked by the shit that does. Eh. I never was a girl scout.

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