fray-d not

New Dilettante column is up. In it, I enter the fray.

A coworker who fashions herself to be intellectually superior to everyone around her (but isn’t) says the most ridiculous things. The gem from this week: “We should have free-range to do that.” As if we’re a bunch of chickens, clucking around a dusty backyard whilst typing on keyboards.

I’m on my third George Saunders book. He is not a replacement for Mr. Vonnegut because he is his own man, but he certainly tickles a similar part of my brain. He writes a weekly column (hey! just like me!) (only he probably gets paid for it!) (and he’s a much better writer!) for the Guardian. Read this week’s column. It’s fucking hilarious.

Back to playwriting. I’m working on a comedy about the death penalty.

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