Look! A new font! Must be a tragedy!

I didn’t watch much of the news last night because I wasn’t interested in having to digest all that campy, melodramatic bullshit surrounding the shootings in Virginia. The only thing I saw before turning off the TV was the local news, using its big, dramatic graphic and shiny new font, leading into the story. The media are such vultures. Not that I don’t expect them to cover the story. Of course they must. But could they do so with a little less glee? All of the melodrama should be surrounding the people who were actually involved IN the event, not the media a thousand miles away.

Until the race of the murderer was revealed, I kept hoping it would be a white guy. Any other race would invite the redneck undercurrent in our country to fly its racist flag. Sure enough, now they’re saying the guy was Korean. I’m not looking forward to the inevitable jokes and hatred that will spew that direction. Fine to hate the guy who killed all those people. But it won’t end just with the guy. That’s the difference. If he’d been white, the hatred would have been focused on the person, not the race. There might have been a sub-set of “white” that people could have focused on – maybe he was involved in neo-Nazi activities, for instance – but otherwise it would have been all about the dude. I doubt that will be the case with this situation.

Glad to hear Georgie W is planning on attending funeral services for some of those killed in Virginia. He hasn’t gone to ONE soldier’s funeral since the war started. But, I guess since he’s responsible for those deaths in Iraq, it wouldn’t make sense for him to attend those services.

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