note to self

The phrase “screw the pooch” has always made me laugh, yet I’ve never really used it. As of now, I will make more of an effort to bring it out when someone (hopefully not me) has made an error. I’m trying to find some good alternatives to saying “fuck” and its many offspring.

A guy I haven’t talked to in over a decade emailed me at myHoustonist email yesterday. We worked together for a brief couple of months in the mid-90s at a place I’d forgotten about. It was one of my few day jobs during that decade (I was still bartending at the time, so it must have been part-time). The operation was based upon then new technology – you could call in to a phone system that allowed you to listen to 15 or 30 seconds of each song on an album, and if you decided to buy the album you were connected to our office to make the purchase. The deal was very similar to what you can do on music purchasing sites on the internet today, but thar weren’t no internets when this job was happening. Actually, some people were online by that time, but they were in the minority.

So this place never really took off, but the guy running it (who was really pretty cool as I remember) kept us employed for a few months in hopes it would all start happening. The boss was one of those entrepreneurial types who had his hands in lots of stuff, so he was in and out of the office all the time. There were about seven employees, I’d guess, and we were pretty much all in our 20s. To kill time, we would do things like turn off all the lights and play hide-and-go-seek. The office was located inside a building with few windows, so we could make it completely dark. You’d end up crawling around on the floor to keep from hurting yourself. Yeah, good times.

The reason this guy tracked me down is he ran across pix from the night that a few of us went to the Stevens and Pruett Holiday Ball. Man, I’d forgotten about that event. On purpose. The vague memory I have of it is there were lots of titties and midgets there. Sometimes both in one package. And I got drunk. And laughed at how stupid the whole thing was. I kind of want to see the pix he’s talking about, and I kind of don’t.

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