Wow, it’s going to be 85 degrees Wednesday. But it sho is nice today. Gotta love those last couple of cold fronts before it gets to be 90 degrees all the time.

Today’s dilettante is about Easter candy. I had the family over for Easter lunch, so the column was written prior to this morning. One resolution down (the writing of the column at least a day ahead of time). Another resolution will be taken care of soon – I received some good news in the mail yesterday (good news doesn’t really come in the mail much anymore – it tends to arrive via email or phone). Anyway, I have my first grant! This means I will be producing my own work, probably this summer. Part of the show will be the stuffed animal play. After talking about it (ad nauseum) in this blog, it’ll be nice to put it on stage in Houston in a full production. Hopefully some of you will be able to come see it. I’m directing it, so that means I can’t bitch about the production. Well, I guess I could, but what would be the point? More details to come as soon as I’ve secured the space. I’m calling the theatre I want to rent tomorrow to check on dates. My goal at the moment is mid/late July. I will need lots of help getting asses in the seats. This means YOU.

Hearty thanks to Houston Arts Alliance for approving my grant application and supporting new theatre in Houston.

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