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the theatre

So the play…this was the first time for me to see my work performed without my being involved in the production. It’s very exciting and scary to see how a script travels, all by its little lonesome. I hesitate to say anything negative about the production because the actors and director really put their backs into it. Plus, we all got drunk together after the show and they were great people. In fact, I plan on keeping in touch with a couple of them.

That being said, this production chose to present the play as a farce. It’s an easy choice to make, and I understand why it was made, but I think it’s the wrong option. Here’s why. When you do this script as a farce, you begin with the level of action/energy way up at the top of the scale, and it has no place to go. So you stay up there. For twelve minutes. Exhausting. And I think the humor is lost. It becomes a play based upon a gag (the stuffed animals on the head) rather than a play using absurdity to talk about a really touchy subject. In the world of this play, men having stuffed animals on their heads is the “normal” state of being. The play has to be performed as if that is the case, rather than “hey, look at me, I have a stuffed animal on my head, wink wink.” Ah, well. As far as farces go, they nailed it.

While I was out of town the piece was chosen for another play festival (Subversive Shorts), and the artistic director of that theatre gave me the email address of the director so she and I can communicate during the process. Cool. And I’m still really happy to have watched my debut New York production, on my birthday. Seriously. It was great. And the Alley sent me the biggest bouquet of long-stemmed roses I’ve ever seen. Each stem was seriously about three-feet long. Mutant flowers. I left the arrangement at the theatre and just took one with me as a keepsake.

Here are a couple of shots taken after many, many drinks. The nice thing is, the two actors actually got a few looks from the other passengers. See, New Yorkers aren’t totally jaded and unwilling to acknowledge the people around them. (oh yeah, and the pix are kind of blurry – as I said, this was many vodkas later)


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