Empire State Building

This picture would have been taken with more care if not for the two-hour wait in line with so many people you start considering throwing elbows just to get some breathing room, man, but instead you keep it all inside thinking that when you finally get to the top (or as close to the top as you’re going) you will feel this sense of expansion and space but you arrive only to find more people and a cold rain and even though some people are freaking out about being so high (one girl is sobbing in hysterics and her friends are telling her to pretend the view is a movie set) you are actually kind of bummed you can’t get closer to the edge, without the fence fucking up your view, and you have a moment to be happy there is at least one thing you aren’t weird about and that being so high doesn’t make your knees weak and you, in fact, want to go higher but you don’t because you’ve had enough of waiting in line so you only spend a couple of minutes on the observation deck of the 86th floor and then you hot foot it out of there toward ground, freedom, booze and slight elbow room.

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