Jeremiah was a bullfrog. I, however, am not.

Dilettante is back after last week’s hiatus. I’m happy people are commenting more – it lets me know that someone’s reading it – but I’m a bit confused by two of the comments. They were left by the same person. I think maybe he/she didn’t see the last line of the column, but I’m not really sure.

Went to my parents’ today. The traffic on 290 was remarkably heavy both going and coming. I’ve been city-bound for so long, it was really great getting out on the road. Whenever I go out there for a visit, I always wonder if I am/will ever be ready to live in a more isolated place. Obviously one of my goals is the cabin in the woods – though I’m not married to woods, the beach would be fine, a mountain would be okay, actually Big Sur has all three – but I always picture that scenario with a town or city quite nearby. But not too close.

For some odd reason, I’m always happy when the rodeo is over for another year. Maybe it’s because I know that I won’t have to see any of the jagoff local newscasters wearing cowboy hats or attempting to lasso the weather guy for a while.

The chin hair that I have to pluck every few months is here again. I’m concerned because I could swear I just plucked that bitch a week or two ago. Perhaps I’m on my way to a full beard. If so, I hope I can shape it into something like a Van Dyke.

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