a play by any other name

The stuffed animal play opens in Kansas City tonight for a three-week run. The last week of the run coincides with the dates in New York, which is super cool. Anyway, I was online looking for any press about the Kansas City show when I ran across this little nugget in the local paper:

Kansas City Women’s Playwriting Festival For more than a decade, Potluck Productions has celebrated female playwrights with festivals that have lived up to the potluck name: variety, surprises, and plenty of main courses and desserts. This year, it offers 11 short plays by nine women in just two hours, with the authors — some from KC, some not — taking on everything from Hamlet to assassinations. Promising title: Crystal Jackon’s Will Someone Please Remove This Stuffed Animal From My Head? Through April 1 at Just Off Broadway Theatre, 3051 Central, 913-789-7955.

I’m, of course, happy for the shout out, but I do wish they’d gotten the name of the play right. Adding “Will Someone” makes me picture an old guy with a five o’clock shadow wearing haggard clothes and standing in the middle of the street yelling “Will someone please remove this stuffed animal from my head?” over and over. And then he goes to get a bowl of soup, muttering about how no one will remove this stuffed animal from his head.

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