gone, but not forgotten

Okay, so I’ve been somewhat silent lately. So unusual. That’s a combination of factors. Work has been exceptionally, ridiculously busy. Also, I’ve had a situation arise in my personal life that has taken some of my attention. But I’ve not forgotten about our little communication, so I offer this.

There is a person at work, who shall not be named, that I avoid on a regular basis. This person is totally full of shit. A lazy employee. A boring, lying sack of shite. Sadly, because this is work, I cannot call said person out. That doesn’t mean that I suffer her bullshit unnecessarily (by offering the sex of the offender, I am not giving anything away – there are a LOT of chicks at my job). So when she creeps by my desk, like a stupid and lazy pirhana, I get on the phone. I call my voicemail. I call the chick who works at the desk quite near mine (and appreciates the diversion from walking craptatsic bullshit). I call people I haven’t talked to in some time. Basically, I get caught up on my correspondence, to a point, solely to avoid having to interact with this person. And the great thing is – it works. She will try to talk to me, I’ll point to the receiver I’m cradling next to my ear (in a deathgrip, no less) and she moves on.

It’s the little victories.

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