spring has sprung…almost

Today’s column.

Such a beautiful day, I decided to do some overdue yard work. There’s something extremely gratifying about working in the yard. I keep hoping that some day I’ll get into gardening or at least plants, but that hasn’t happened yet. It felt good bagging up the last of the pecans and leaves from winter. New beginnings and all that.

I have dates for the show in NYC: March 29th and 31st. I’ll be at the show on the 29th (we already have other plans for the 31st), and I hope those of you who live up there will be able to go that night, too. More details as they become available. Still considering going to Kansas City on March 16th for that opening night. It’s just a little too far to drive in one day and airfare is twice what we paid for NYC tix, so I’m not sure if I’m going to make it. They’re having an opening night “gala” and everything…

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