If you’re looking for a way to celebrate Texas Independence Day, look no further. Houstonist is sponsoring a Light Rail Pub Crawl. The group is meeting downtown at Flying Saucer at 5:30 this evening and will take the rail to other celebration spots (bars) for the following four or five hours. If you make it to Flying Saucer before the train departs, Houstonist will give you a free light rail pass. Can’t beat it. Oh, and you’ll be able to pick Houstonist writers out of the crowd because they’ll all be sporting Houstonist tee-shirts. I keep saying “they,” not because I’ve quit Houstonist but because I will be sitting at Toyota Center watching Eric Clapton and Robert Cray this evening. I’ve always wanted to see Robert Cray – he’s so smoooooove. I’m really bummed to miss the crawl, though. The whole concept of a dozen or two drunks riding the rails sounds like my kind of night.

Haven’t been blogging much this week because work has been in-fucking-sane. I’m working nights and on the weekend. It’ll be that way until the middle of the month. Good times.

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