I am he as you are he as you are me and we are all together.

The more I read about different writers and get to know writers who actually make at least a partial living off their creative works, the more I hear stories about people stealing moments during their “day” jobs to write a few pages here or a scene there. A prof of my friend who’s in an MFA writing program said that he wrote an entire novel at his day job, minimizing the manuscript whenever a coworker approached his desk.

I’m thinking about this as I take a few moments at work to write in this blog. Perhaps I should be working on the five different plays that are swirling around in my head instead of writing down nonsensical Beatles lyrics and droning on and on about nothing. Or, alternately, perhaps I should be working on work. My justification is that I often eat lunch at my desk (while coworkers take off for hour-plus lunches on a regular basis) and I also work very quickly. Oh, and I would have to jump out the fucking window if I only did grant writing stuff all day.

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