tha roof

When you drive a car with a roof made of fabric, you tend to get nervous when traveling behind certain types of vehicles. For example, I don’t like to drive behind a truck that’s hauling sharp, pointy projectiles. So you can imagine how uncomfortable I was this morning when I was stuck behind a truck pulling a flatbed trailer full of crap that practically demanded you have a tetanus shot just to look at it. Old boards with bent, rusty nails poking out one side. Triangular scraps of tin. Barbed wire. So as soon as I had the chance, I dodged around the death-on-a-trailer. Immediately I was on the ass of another truck/trailer combo, this one hauling stacks of wooden pallets, probably ten or fifteen high and waving back and forth. So though this other cargo wouldn’t necessarily have pierced my skull if it fell on my car, it would have been heavy enough to cave the roof in.

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