I knew I forgot to mention something earlier. I went to Daily Grind on Washington Avenue yesterday. First time there. I’d been wanting to go for some time but was always turned off by the crowd that packs that place on the weekend. It’s a funky little operation. Didn’t feel very “Houston” inside, which is nice sometimes. Felt like I was on vacation.

So I’m sitting there having a late breakfast (had the day off) when this guy who’d been sitting in the corner approaches the couple at the table next to mine. He asks the woman if she has any “hand lotion.” He does not say this with the slightest hint of apology. Does not acknowledge that this is a fairly random thing to ask a stranger in a restaurant. She says, “Uh, no,” and he moves on. I brace myself, thinking this weirdo is going to ask me for hand lotion, but he walks past me to the next table.

The fuck? What, MY hand lotion isn’t good enough for your crazy ass? I have a nice little bottle of Aveda lotion in my backpack, but NO. He had to move on to the next chick. Did she have any lotion? Nope. Finally, third time’s a charm, he found a woman who had some. He walked it back to his table where his ashy girlfriend with dry hands was sitting. So I guess he was being gentlemanly rather than creepy. Actually, I think he was being both. A little from column A, a little from column B.

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