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You know how, years ago, having a bum knee or a little bit of the crazy could keep you out of the army? Bet it doesn’t now. In fact, I’ll bet having a little bit of the crazy is an asset in today’s Army of One. Just a thought.

Bought some NYC travel books last night. I didn’t really do any research before going out there last year because it was immediately after the trip to San Francisco/Big Sur. I’d mapped out the California excursion in great detail, with itineraries, maps and “ideas” in a three-ring binder. No joke. But I flew blind in NYC. My brother loaned me a small map of the subway/bus system that got me around to the few places I knew I wanted to go, and I randomly stumbled into cool places (like St. Patrick’s Cathedral) by sheer luck. It was kind of fun going to that city without planning anything. Kind of ballsy. Or stupid. Six of one.

This time, I’d like to dig a little deeper. Also, we’ll be out there for a vacation instead of work, so I’ll have lots more time to dick around. I know for sure we’ll go to Strawberry Fields. When I was there last fall, I was alone. Wanted to go down some of the little trails but was sure my death and/or dismemberment was waiting for me along the pathway. Sometimes having an over-active imagination sucks, and sometimes I think it keeps me out of trouble.

I’m pleasantly surprised that a few of my friends are going to be able to attend my play. I expected my two friends who live in NYC to make it (you guys better…). But my friend Lisa is going to drive down from Syracuse to see the show. And the guy at the Alley who empowered me with enough information to know not to sign that shitty contract with the other theatre is randomly going to be out there that weekend. I hope others of you will randomly be there too. That’s the interesting thing about NYC – people go there a lot. Sounds like a stupid thing to say, but you get my drift.

I don’t have final details from the theatre, but here’s what I know so far.
– Gene Frankel Theatre, 24 Bond Street
– March 28 through April 1, 2007
– series of plays “celebrating the feminist viewpoint in the 21st century”
– the show is going to be called “Femtastic”
– my play is the only one with a cast of all men (one woman appears for three lines, but that’s it)
– my play is the only one that features actors wearing stuffed animals on their heads (I’m guessing)

That’s all I know. I’m assuming they are doing the same collection of plays each of the five nights. Don’t know if there’s a matinee or not. At the moment, I’m planning on being there March 29 and 30. One of those nights is my birthday, and the other night is when Lisa is going to be there. Also, I think I should see the show more than once. Why the hell not. As I get more details, I’ll post them here.


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