put a cork in New York

Okay, so scratch that NYC trip. I pulled my play out of the festival. Decided I’m not interested in giving away the rights. Period. The only theatre that could have even the slightest claim on that piece is DiverseWorks, since they commissioned it and provided a space for the first reading. But DW has never asked for anything. Because of that, and because I like their space, if I get the funding I just applied for I’ll be putting on a show at DW this summer. It would be super cool to return stuffed animal (plus a bunch of new stuff) to the place where it was born. After its US tour is over.

As for NYC, I still look forward to my first production there. But it’s going to be on my terms. I’m not going to bend over for anybody. Not unless they buy me dinner first. Plus wine. And dessert.

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