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New column.

Just watched the Police “reunion” on the Grammys. When I heard it was happening, I had mixed feelings. I love(d) the Police. Ghost in the Machine is still in very regular rotation at my house. Though I haven’t been super impressed with Sting’s output the past decade, I still see him every time he tours. But I have always preferred his work with the po-po. So I heard they were playing one song in a not-so-secret reunion at the Grammys. I started thinking about what they might play. What would be the one song that would mark their return as a group after twenty-plus years apart.

Though not my favorite, Message in a Bottle was my prediction. They often played it as an encore, and Sting continued to do so after he went solo. It’s a song most people recognize, it’s a good song to play live, etc. As long as it wasn’t Roxanne, a simple song Sting has claimed he hates, I would be satisfied to hear those three great musicians together again. Imagine my disappointment when the opening bass line of Roxanne started. Sigh.

The camera swoops in on the trio. Stewart Copeland looks the same as ever, except with gray hair. Drummers always seem to age well. Andy Summers looked like…a history teacher? Someone’s dad? Sting looked amazing – that’s a lifetime full of yoga and self-satisfaction for ya. The performance was…okay. There’s not a lot to do to that song. Sting did some reggae scat in the middle, but otherwise I was disappointed.

I sure as hell will see the tour when/if it comes to Houston. I’m sure they can still rock the house. They just need to work on their song selection. Sting should have spent more time on that and less on his tight pants/vest with no shirt outfit. Not that I’m complaining.

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