the prom

My dear friends who were ready to jump on plane/train/bus/burro for the summer trip to NYC to see the stuffed animal play – put it on hold for a moment. The theatre that wants to do the play also wants a shitload of rights to the piece (some that would be binding for up to three years). Rights I’m not too interested in giving away. I would compare the situation to that of the ugly girl getting asked to the prom by the known date rapist. Sure, she wants to go to the prom and all, and MAYBE he won’t try to fuck her in the backseat, but you know. I’m just not that desperate. And I’m way too protective of my work to sell it down the river. Even to get on stage, off Broadway.

The deal isn’t done/not done yet. I have a couple of people who do contracts for a living giving it the look-see. One of the bonuses of working for a large regional theatre. Once they’ve rendered their verdict, I’ll contact the theatre and see if they can come up with a better contract. If not, they don’t want to do the play badly enough. And I’ll keep submitting it other places.

The prom never lived up to expectations anyway…


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