NYC? Yeah, mofo

Ahhh, the holy grail of the playwright. New York City. Stuffed Animal is on its way – production date: June 2007. In a small off Broadway theatre. Not “off Broadway” in the sense that the theatre is in the same city as that famous street. Off Broadway in the sense that it’s a block and a half from Broadway. In the sense that it’s just over two blocks from Carnegie Fucking Hall.

Look, I don’t hold NYC up as the ultimate destination – I enjoyed my trip there last fall but did not feel like I’d found my geographical soul mate. I’m not planning on moving up there for many reasons, one of which is I think the flight out of Houston to places where (in theory) it’s easier to make your living as an “artist” (I consider myself a writer, not an artist, but you get my meaning) is shameful, and some of us have to stay put and make some shit happen down here. But, in the world of theatre, NYC is the shite. NYC is the place where it’s hard as hell to get produced. And my work will be on stage in a few months. One month after Ohio and three months after Missouri. What an interesting trip this piece has taken. And, if I get the funding I just applied for, stuffed animal will make its swan song in Houston in July. We’ll see. As always, I’ll keep you posted.

Needless to say, I’m going to go to NYC in June to see this thing. I hope they laugh.

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