tactical error

So I’m thinking about buying a new car. Not because I’ve fallen out of love with the Miata – I still think she’s a beautiful car and am psyched about the great convertible weather that’s on its way. But a two-seater is not a good car to have as your daily driver unless you have a larger vehicle as back up. Especially if you have a hard time being a passenger and like to be the designated driver (not in the M.A.D.D. way). So with mixed feelings, I’ve begun the search for the next car.

Here’s a picture of the Miata in the driveway in the full-moonlight last weekend.

Pretty, huh? She’s a lovely dark blue color. Anyway, drunk on homemade sangria Saturday night, I stupidly filled out an online form at a local car dealer inquiring about the car I’m interested in buying. I know. Stupid. Don’t ask me why I thought that I could have an email conversation about this. Yeah, not gonna happen. The dude at the dealership has emailed me every day since. Thankfully I had enough sense to not list my phone number. His emails are really condescending. He thinks he’s being… encouraging, I guess, but he’s really just turning me off.

It’s ridiculous that you know you’re going to get fucked when you buy a car. It’s bullshit that it’s a given in our society that the price you pay for your car is based more upon your abilities to negotiate and/or be an asshole than it is on what the car costs. Why is this acceptable practice? I know that Saturn sells their cars at a certain price with no negotiation and no commission for their salespeople (at least, this is the way it was when they first came on the scene), but I’m not interested in a Saturn right now so that doesn’t help me.

Can you imagine if other transactions were completed like car sales? You go to a restaurant, have a seat and then begin the bidding process for a bottle of wine. You’re drinking a Château Lafite you paid $25 for while that sad sack over there is drinking a bottle of MD 20/20 for $30.


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