Whew, what a crazy week. Work has been exceptionally, uh, fun lately, and on top of that I’m applying for grant money (due Friday) to put on a series of plays that I’m in the midst of writing (to accompany the stuffed animal play). If the grant doesn’t happen, I’m still going to do something on a smaller scale – probably this summer. Gotta spend the dough from the Plan B fundraiser last spring, or I’ll be in trouble with friends and family for jacking their money.

I’m happy to report that Ask a Dilettante over on Houstonist will become a weekly (instead of every-other-week) thing. Jim, the Houstonist editor, and I had a conversation about the column and how it’s not so much “Opinionist” as it is “Bullshitist” (that was his word – my choice was “Op-shitist.” I like his better). As I transition the column to its constant format, that leaves an opening for someone else to do Opinionist. In a perfect world, we’d have a different opinion writer each week, offering a more representative display of what Houston’s thinking about. That can be tough to manage, though, so a good handful of writers who took turns each week might be ideal. I know a lot of you people are opinionated bastards/bitches, so are you interested in giving it a shot? If so, shoot me an email at Houstonist. My address can be found on the staff page. If you have my personal email, write me there. We really need to add some good writers to the mix, so please consider it. Unless your writing sucks…then forget I said anything.

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