Kansas City here I come

New column is up. This week’s topic: myspace.

This was a good week for the stuffed animal play. It was chosen for a women’s playwriting festival in March in Kansas City, and it won a couple of awards in Montana: People’s Choice Award and Best Production Award (two out of the three awards given during the festival). My first response, of course, was “what, I didn’t sweep it?” but then my head deflated a bit and I was quite pleased with the double win. Can’t wait to see the DVD of that production and how closely (or not) it matches the play as it lives in my head. It’s so strange that this play has a life away from me… This brings the total to five states now. Cool.

The question I’m getting more and more lately is “what are you writing now?” And my response = “stuff.” I need to get on the stick. Need to spend more time writing at Onion Creek (especially now that Diedrich’s is gone), even though they got rid of my favorite uncomfortable green couch in the corner. So the springs were poking through the threadbare cushions. So? I liked that couch. Anyway, I’ll be putting stuffed animal on the back burner once the final few theatres I’ve sent it to get back to me. Time to move on to new projects. Onward and upward. That’s the theme for 2007.

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