all talk, no action

Well this “winter storm” has been quite disappointing. At least in Houston. My parents had ice at their place and my brother said it’s been snowing in Austin, but ain’t shit happening outside my window. As usual, I fell into the trap of letting the local news get me excited. My bad. I know better. I just wanted to believe things might get interesting around here. Not that I want to be driving my little car on ice…but I would have enjoyed an extra day off. I started a new piece yesterday that I’d like to give more attention to. That, and I’m lazy this week.

Sunday’s Opinionist has gotten a few comments, a couple of which argued with the points I raised. That’s fabulous. If someone feels moved enough to post a comment, that means they at least kind of heard what I was saying. The dude’s arguments were pretty much baseless and made no legitimate points of their own, but I’m still glad to have the dialogue. I looked him up online, based on his moniker, and see that he has a couple of websites devoted to cats. Uh huh.

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