my first (printed) review!

The play festival in Montana was reviewed in the paper out there. Here’s what the writer had to say about stuffed animal.

“Please Remove This Stuffed Animal from My Head,” by Crystal Jackson, is about exactly what the title suggests. It’s sort of a science fiction farce, the kind of script that used to occasionally make its way in more restrained form onto “The Twilight Zone.” Scattered among substantial laughs is a serious point about freedom and control, and I would remember exactly what the point was if I didn’t have this stuffed animal on my head.

Short and sweet, but there are seven plays in the show so what the hell. This is the first printed review of my work. I gotta tell you – it’s totally bizarre to read something like this. I think if I’d directed (or at least watched) the production, I’d feel more connected to the above paragraph. Regardless, I think it’s a pretty great review. He even spelled my name right. [I disagree that the play is science fiction or farce (it’s absurd, which is a different animal), but that’s cool.]

The reference to Twilight Zone is badass. I grew up watching that show and still love it. Especially the one where they explain how time works. Basically, each moment of existence is a completely new moment and must be built by hand. When you lose your keys, for instance, and later find them in a place where you know you’ve already looked, it’s because at that moment in time somebody fucked up and forgot to place your keys, and they fixed it in subsequent moments. Or something. I saw that episode once as a child and haven’t seen it since then. Anyway, I thought of the Twilight Zone as I created this play, so that comment was particularly interesting.

Guess it’s about time I put this play on in Houston, huh?

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