man, lighten UP

Good lord, my past couple of blog entries are a bit, uh, bitchy. Justifiably bitchy, I think, but still. It’s a shame, too, because I have a bitchy story to share about my time at Onion Creek yesterday. I’ll save it for another day.

I’m reading Amy Sedaris’ book on “entertaining” called I Like You. The recipes in the book are real, and technically so are the crafty ideas, but the surrounding copy includes such tips as:

– Guys don’t like skimpy meals, salads, lamb chops with handles, hot fruit.
– Guys do like meat, extra portions, pies, gravy, toothpicks and pussy.

Fabulous. Wonder if my parties will get any better after reading all her useful advice?

I was interviewed for UH’s alumni mag Alumline. If you’re interested in reading it, I scanned a copy and put links on my website. Go here. Not like you don’t get enough of my bullshit by reading this site…

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