lookin’ good

So I came up with this theory about Jesus last night while wrapping Christmas presents. One doesn’t have anything to do with the other except that wrapping presents gave my mind a chance to wander. So it wandered. And I developed this theory that I shan’t share at the moment. I’m going to have to see what other people have said about it (I’m sure I’m not the first person to think this), and then it might show up in a play. But in a totally different format. I bring this up because my secret Santa (yeah) gave me a funny compact today that says “Lookin’ Good for Jesus” on it, mere moments after telling my cube mate about my Jesus theory. Kind of random, if you ask me. What does it mean? Nothing. Everything.

Almost got run off the road THREE times on the way to work this morning. Keep in mind, my drive is only about three miles. Come on people. Get off the fucking phone and put away the Jiffy Pop and turn down the kids’ DVD player in the back seat. Mind the road, bitches. Oh, speaking of kids and DVDs, I saw The Polar Express on TV the other night. The visual part of the movie was completely amazing (yeah, so it came out about two years ago – I’m always behind on movies). It was a lot of fun to watch, but I can’t imagine plopping a kiddo down in front of it. It seemed a bit too scary to me. Not that I was scared…occasionally creeped out, maybe…

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