salt n peppa

As I drove by Pig Stand this morning, I wondered what’s going to happen to all those porcine salt and pepper shakers scattered throughout the restaurant. Now, this isn’t something I tell very many people, but I’m a collector of salt and pepper shakers. Hold on. I’m talking about a very specific type – WWII-era Japanese (specifically Occupied Japan). They are very colorful and whimsical, often anthropomorphic, and I love them. But people don’t wait to hear that part of it. They just hear “salt and pepper shakers” and decide that any crappy $1.99 set of shakers is a good gift for Crystal. While I appreciate the thought, I don’t so much appreciate the shitty shakers. Not being much for curio cabinets, my shakers live in the kitchen pantry. Only a select few see daylight. My current fave pair is not Occupied Japan but was too cool to pass up – it’s a little TV set that has an image of Jesus on the screen. I’d been looking for Jesus-themed shakers for years but never found any. Imagine that.

Just got out of a department meeting in which the term “pearl necklace” was explained to a coworker who’d never heard it before. Believe it or not, I was merely a witness to this situation. It was funny more than it was uncomfortable. For everyone except the chick who made it to her mid-twenties without knowing the alternate meaning of those two words, that is.

Oh yeah, new column is up.

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