free drinks

Houstonist’s first birthday party is next Wednesday. We really will be buying drinks until the tab runs out (which might be a long time considering Warren’s ridiculous happy hour prices), so come on out if you’re in the downtown area after work. Word of warning – two drinks at Warren’s equals about five drinks elsewhere, so eat a potato or some bread before you arrive.

This morning I saw an ad for an upcoming Geraldo show (you already know this is going to end badly). I’m not that good at writing melodrama (though I am good at living it), but he said something to the effect of, “I’ve got the real story of the mysterious death of Bill and Hillary Clinton’s neighbor.” I’m sure if I’d managed to see beyond his humongous, greasy schnoz and look into his eyes, I would have seen a gleam, a glimmer, at the not-so-subtle undercurrent of that sentence. Now that Hil is considering running for/is definitely running for prez, I guess all that conspiracy bullshit is going to start being tossed around again, just like Geraldo likes his salad tossed. Or likes to toss other guys’ salads. Whatever. Maybe they’ll even start saying that the Clintons got Cheney to shoot that old dude in the face.

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