my brain is rotting or something

You can tell when I’m really busy at work. My blog production goes way down. I’m still busy through the end of the year, but not nearly as bad as last week. And, yes, I know I shouldn’t be blogging at work. But it’s what keeps me from taking a running leap out the window sometimes, so get off my back.

There must be something wrong with that intersection at I-10 and Taylor/Watson. I mentioned sitting through an entire light cycle on the way to work a few days back, and then Friday there was the errant pitcher of “beer” sitting there. Today, I almost sat through the light again, as did the guy in the van next to me. And no one behind us honked. I think it’s the Target. When you’re facing south at that light, the Target sign is staring at you. Unblinking. Mesmerizing. Staring red eye…

I finally have my first comment on the Houstonist column. And it’s funny. I hope others follow suit, funny or otherwise. Speaking of Houstonist, we’re having our first birthday party next week. Still trying to find a date that will work for most/all of the contributors. Once the time has been set, I’ll pass that along. We want the public to celebrate with us. I think it’s going to be happy hour at Warren’s, so no good can come of that…

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