we’re all naked under our clothes

New column is up.

Old high school buddies have been hitting me up on myspace lately. I keep thinking I’m going to quit posting this blog over there, but then someone interesting shows up. Last month, the guy I went to the junior prom with contacted me (we were voted “funniest guy and girl” our senior year), and today I heard from another guy from that scene. Of all the people I knew back in the day, I’m happy to say the very few who’ve found me via myspace have been the ones I liked the best. So far, no turds. So far. And I’m glad that of these two recent contacts, one is unmarried and child-free, just like me. So I only have to (maybe) have one awkward, “You mean, you’ve NEVER gotten married?” conversation. Is it really that mind boggling for a decent-looking, non-crazy (?), educated, full-set-of-teeth person to not get married? Of all the signs of fatal-flawdom, I think unmarried status should be further down the list. The multi-married – they’re the ones to watch out for.

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