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While driving home from work in the dark and rain last night, I decided to take the surface roads and blow off the freeway (which I’m only on for about a mile, but still). As I drove down Washington Avenue and past Pig Stand’s wonderful purple, teal and pink facade, it occured to me that one of the shittiest side effects of losing that restaurant isn’t losing the food, it’s losing the building. It is/has been a great touch of whimsy and color on a fairly bland corner.

So I started thinking about other visual (and emotional) favorites in Houston and wondered which might be next to go. I think maybe a photographic expedition should be organized.

Here is a top-of-my-head list of images I’d like to (re)capture:
The metal gorilla sculpture at the zoo.
Mecom Fountain.
David Addickes’ lot.
The row of gray houses by the Menil.
The sculpture downtown that looks like that white chewy candy with different colored chunks inside.
A number of greasy spoons and dives.
Allen’s Landing.
Heights homes.
U of H.
A few places in the Heights where you can look down RR tracks and have a great view of downtown – the combo of the old school and the modern is fantastic.
Farmer’s Market.
La Carafe.
Tranquility Park.

This list is by no means exhaustive. Please share your additions in the comments.

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