cyber Monday

So I ended up painting the second bedroom this weekend, and man are my arms tired. And my legs and my ass and my back…you get the picture. The room looks amazing, though, so it was worth the effort. It’s the one location at home in which I write, so I’m hoping the muse(s) will be happy with the change. If not, there’s always the green couch at Onion Creek.

In addition to Black Friday (see a few entries ago), there’s now Cyber Monday. CM is to online shopping what the day after Thanksgiving is to regular retail. Or, at least that’s the goal of the marketing team that dreamed it up. Maybe we can name every day between now and Christmas. Two-fer Tuesday. Weedeater Wednesday. Thrifty Thursday. Fuck You Friday (that’s the day you buy shitty gifts for people you don’t like).

I rented a car to take Granddad up to my parents’ for Thanksgiving. He was much more comfortable in the Camry than he would have been sitting in James’ lap in the Miata. I never realize what “roadster” means until I drive something big. The Camry felt like a luxury ocean liner compared to my car. Also, other cars seemed to actually SEE me in the four-door. I wasn’t nearly run off the road like I am every other day. Perhaps I was musing about my experiences in the Camry on the way to work this morning because I sat through an entire green light and didn’t notice until the light turned red. Not sure that’s ever happened before. Probably because most of the time there’s an impatient jackass behind me laying on the horn. I know that’s what I do when someone in front of me doesn’t hit the gas right when the light changes. Actually, I don’t honk the horn anymore unless I really have to – most of the time I just cuss to myself.

Oh, and there was no Houstonist column yesterday not because I was fired (at least, I hope not) but because we had the holiday off. It’ll be back this Sunday.

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