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Everyone by now has heard about or seen the Michael Richards video where the formerly kooky, non-threatening character actor loses his shit during a stand-up routine and starts throwing verbal feces at his audience. I avoided watching it until I heard Paul Mooney had something to say about the situation. Paul Mooney is one of my heroes – he has huge balls and is smart and funny and pithy to infinity. I go see him every time he’s in Houston. So I watched the Richards video just to get completely up-to-speed. He could have pulled out of the tailspin, but he didn’t. Even though he said “nigger” and talked about sticking a fork up someone’s ass (?), he could have saved himself. But he stood up there blinking into the lights like a newbie comic, argued with the audience, then walked off stage. You would think someone who’s been in the bidness that long would know how to deal with a heckler. Fucking ridiculous. If he follows the lead of our political and religious leaders, maybe he can blame it all on alcoholism.

Anyway, Mr. Mooney says it all. I love him.

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