black Friday

Since when does everything not shopping-related shut down for the Thanksgiving weekend? The vet is closed today. The downtown Y is closed today. Every mall and store in the city is open 24-hours, but you can’t take care of any other business. Only shopping. Now I’m stir crazy and looking around my house for shit to paint. This happened to me a lot when I lived in my garage apartment. I’d get a wild hair about 10PM and head over to the 24-hour Home Depot to buy paint, then stay up all night painting the living room. Sounds like I had a meth problem, but it’s really just a constant need to change things. A very Martha Stewart-ish way of altering my reality. Some people take drugs, I move furniture. How lame.

Did anyone notice the prevalent usage of “black Friday” to describe the (shopping) day after Thanksgiving? I’d like to know what PR machine put that into play because I’ve never really noticed the term before. Not saying it wasn’t used prior to this season, but I am saying it was all of a sudden everywhere. I get suspicious when words spring into the general lexicon seemingly from nowhere.

Ate at Tony’s Mexican restaurant on Ella last night for the first time. The food was decent, probably, but I’m not sure because I was drunk. I don’t think they put Everclear in their margaritas – I think it was ethanol. Whatever it was made my face feel numb (not kidding). I’m pretty sure I’m allergic to tequila – every time I have a margarita my entire chest turns red, how sexy, so I don’t drink them often. I need to tell my gay buddies about this restaurant – the only other time I’ve seen that many gay men in one restaurant was during the recent trip to SF when we ate dinner in the Castro. Man hugs all around. Lots of expensive jeans, nice shoes and trendy shirt/tie combinations. Daddys and boys and cowboys and queens. I think it’s the drinks that brings them in. It would be a great place to take a first date and see what you can find out about that person. Just make sure they’re drinking the margs and you’re having a Dos Equis or something.

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