but it was flowing, man

Do you ever come out of a wine-induced haze to find that the emails you sent out during the haze are not nearly as eloquent or profound as they seemed to be at the time? For instance, you think you’ve written:

The concept of a benevolent God who knows everything you do but still loves you is society’s mass attempt to have a positive parental relationship that is not fraught with guilt and disappointment.

When what you actually wrote was:

So I was sniffing the cat’s ass when I thought, maybe the next time I go to Wal-Mart, I’ll talk to that old guy in the vest who’s right by the shopping carts.

I bring this up because I wrote a couple of emails last night in the midst of a wine fugue, and when my body experienced the inevitable sugar crash at 3:45 this morning (causing me to be writing in my blog at 4AM) I was sweating reading what I’d written. It was fine. This time. There have been instances when I’ve reviewed emails the morning after and found them to be a bit more, uh, friendly than I might have liked.

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