mental yoga

Please read my new column on Houstonist. This week’s entry is about a topic that’s near and dear.

It’s funny – I fart out my blog entries with little effort (most of the time), but this column-writing is kicking my ass. The editor at Houstonist is completely hands-off. He trusts his writers to do their job, and he doesn’t micro-manage. We all post our own entries – there’s no editing or review of our work. I love the freedom to write what I please, but it ties my hands in some ways. The stuff I write for Houstonist can’t just be longer blog entries. I have to relate to the Houston community in a more general way and not rely on use of the word I as much, which is tough for a megalomaniac. Also, Houstonist is not really a political blog, so I can’t do things like dance on the corpse of the Repugnant party. And, though cussing is allowed, for whatever reason I’m not cussing in the column at all. So it all feels strange. But I like it. I like reaching more readers. That’s kind of the point.

In times past (passed?), I have thought that being a weekly columnist for a newspaper would be a tough job. Having to come up with something new to say every week just seemed like it would be hard. Man was I right. But it’s good for the writing. It’s making me stretch myself, and that’s always a positive. Like mental yoga. Only I don’t have to worry about accidentally farting when coming out of a particularly tough position.

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