Last night, I had a dream about turtles. There were three of them (and a frog), and I was encouraging people to take a picture. It was all very exciting and fun. I did a bit of dream symbolism research online. Supposedly, dreaming of turtles is a good thing. It means something “odd or unusual” will happen soon, and the outcome (good or bad) is suggested by the mood of the dream. The dream was very “hey everybody, look at this!,” so I guess it would suggest a good outcome…

Of course, I had another dream last night (yes, I remember multiple dreams -I wake up off and on all night) where I was kissing a gay black man while topless, so what the hell. Maybe that second dream was the “odd or unusual” event, and now that I’m telling you about it (a la “take a picture”), the circle is complete. Now that would really suck, having dreams that just reference each other and not waking life.

I take my dreams seriously (sometimes). I had a dream about a guy friend once that made me see him in a different light, and I ended up dating him shortly after that. I had a dream about a helicopter crash that involved a couple of my friends, and a few months later a helicopter crashed half a block from where both of them were working. I get to visit people who are gone in my dreams. I breathe underwater. Sometimes I get ideas for my writing while asleep. Sometimes I wake up laughing. Or crying. Sometimes I dream that I’ve peed the bed but when I wake up, thankfully, the bed’s dry. Sometimes I have dreams that are so terrifying, I can’t go back to sleep. Those don’t happen too often, and when they do it lets me know that I need to turn the stress meter down a few notches.

Dreams are cool.

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