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Okay, eventually I’ll quit reminding you about my Sunday Houstonist column. But for now, I’m trying to drive some traffic to the site. Please visit. We’ll be celebrating Houstonist’s first birthday in a few weeks. I’ll let you locals know the when/where soon. It’ll most likely be a bar downtown, and the drinks will be free…if you get there early enough.

One thing I love about the sauna at the downtown Y is that I’m always alone in there. It’s a great way to end a workout and just…breathe. Very relaxing and the heat makes your brain slow down. So yesterday, after my workout, I headed to the sauna. I opened the door and was about to turn on the light when I saw a naked woman sprawled in the corner. I was faced with that awkward should-I-stay-or-should-I-go decision. If I turned around and left, I would feel like a dumbass. If I stayed, I knew I was going to have to have a conversation with a damp, naked woman.

Deciding to stick with discomfort but maintain my dignity, I entered. Left the light off, which helped. The room is only about six feet by three feet, so there’s not a lot of room for error when maneuvering around another person. I sat in the opposite corner and did the heavy sigh thing that was supposed to signify that I’d just expended a bunch of energy and was looking forward to this time of relaxation. Only the woman in the room took it to mean that I am lonely and need every second filled with the random musings of a nekkid stranger.

So we had a fifteen minute conversation. She kept looking at me when she talked, which forced me to look at her. In defiance of her nakedness, I took my glasses off. That, combined with the darkness in the room, helped immensely. And she was very nice. I guess I just prefer that naked strangers not talk.

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