Just as a reminder that no good deed goes unpunished, Bill White had to call off free flu shots given at polling places in poor (“medically underserved”) areas in Houston because the “big tent” party was going to sue, citing unfair advantage to Democrats. Because I guess all poor people are Democrats – perhaps if they didn’t want to end up that way they should have been voting for the Repugnant party all these years. I understand why White called it all off – it would have turned into yet another dog and asshole show. Ridiculous. [And, by the way, not all poor people are Democrats. A lot of that demographic buys into the whole flag-waving, apple pie, fight the terr’ists bullshit.]

I saw a Kinky Friedman commercial this morning where he talked about being “the shepherd.” While I’m really ready to not see anymore stupid political ads, I appreciated this commercial for one reason: Kinky seems to be living on some sort of dog farm. He is outside with some dogs, then he’s inside with even more dogs, and they’re crawling all over him while he’s talking. I think the shepherd analogy is a bit heavy-handed, but the dog farm stuff is cool. It’s my dream. Cabin and dog farm in the country…minus the smell of dog shit.

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