My friend Lisa is in an MFA writing program, and this is the first semester in which she’s been forced to teach freshman English. I say “forced” but it might be more like “if she wants to keep her funding.” Six of one. Most of the kids are rich and white and not very into their studies. Sounds like my first year in college, minus the rich part. Some of them give it the old college try, while others try to get by on their looks/daddy’s money/voting Republican.

Earlier this week, she was reviewing a student’s paper when she came across the word “neffer.” Not exactly sure of the student’s intent, she circled the word so she could get clarification when she handed papers back. This clarification wasn’t really about the paper or the grade – it was more about figuring out what in the hell neffer means. So she approached the student at the next available opportunity, and the student explained that she meant to write “enough.” Not neffer. Enough.

Hhhmmmmm. Is neffer a colloquialism of enough?

Neffer is neffer.
Neffer already.
I’ve heard neffer.
Don’t Stop Till You Get Neffer.

The student didn’t seem to think it was at all odd that she’d written neffer in her paper instead of enough. She acted as if she’d just transposed a couple of letters.

This was all very funny last night over some wine. In the flourescent light of day, I’m not sure I’ve captured it. Oh well. I guess I’ve written neffer about this.

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