Found out today that the stuffed animal play will be produced in Montana in January. I hope all 17 people who live up there go to see it. Looks like it’ll be up six times, so this will make it the longest run so far (the other two shows being a one-time thing and a two-night engagement). I’m really amazed and impressed that a small community theatre is willing to do this play. Kudos to them. Maybe there’s a pocket of liberalism up in big sky country. Maybe I’d like it up there. I could have that unabomber cabin for writing (behind the nice, big house where I would live) (except for the occasional writer’s fugue that would require my presence in the cabin until I’d written a Russian-sized novel) (and there would be blood or chili stains on the manuscript but I would never know which), there would be plenty of room for the dog farm, no traffic, no claustrophobia. Ahhhhhhh.

The scorecard for this play, thus far: Texas, Connecticut, Montana. Seems like west coast should be next on my counter-clockwise tour of America.

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