I’m having an attack of the luddite. As much as I love to google, I think Google might be part of the ever-evolving, ever-expanding, coming-to-a-home-near-you Big Brother. I just found out that Google owns, which means that both my email and my blog are with the same entity. I realize the ludicrousness (ludicrosity?) of worrying about this since I quite freely put my shit on the internet for anyone to read, but I guess the idea of one entity being able to access not only my bullshit blog but also my personal email and combine both to create a somewhat detailed, two-dimensional rendering of me, myself and I, well, it bothers me. Not enough to quit blogging, obviously. Guess googlebot can add “paranoia” to my description.

The Google name even has two handy Os that would make good eyes. You know?

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