po-po, peeps (not the marshmallow kind)

This morning at about 6:30, the police were wailing through my neighborhood. It was a bit disturbing because sirens at that time of morning are not common. THEN I heard the chopper. So I had to get up to check all the doors. I didn’t realize until that moment that I haven’t heard a helicopter during the non-daylight hours in a while. When I lived in my garage apartment, they were very common. In fact, there were multiple nights when a light from a helicopter woke me up because it was shining on my bed. And, no, there weren’t pervs in the helicopter peeking in my window. Well, there may have been pervs, but they weren’t peeking in my window because a) the view wasn’t that interesting, b) I had window coverings and c) an alley ran behind my apartment and was a convenient place for someone to try to hide. That apartment is less than five blocks from my current dwelling, so it’s not like I moved into a different neighborhood. Maybe I’m just sleeping harder than I used to. Maybe there are just as many helicopters as ever shining their bright lights on sleeping people. Lord knows the crime rate hasn’t plummeted in the past few years.

There’s a website called 25 peeps some dude in Germany put together. You submit your picture and a link to your blog, and if he determines that the picture you submitted is actually of you (and not a naked porn star, for instance), he’ll put your picture/link on the site. He has up 25 at a time (25 peeps, get it?), and as a new one is added, the least popular one drops off. He adds new blogs off and on all day. Maybe three to five a day. I don’t know. Anyway, my blog popped on there Sunday afternoon and lasted until last night. Not a real long run, if you ask me. I didn’t submit a provocative picture, and that seems to be the secret to longevity on the site. That, or sending an email to all of your friends asking them to click on your profile. It wasn’t that important to me so I didn’t bother. It’s funny – there’s a shot of what looks like a woman’s cleavage/necklace, but in fact it is a guy’s ass/necklace. He cropped the picture in such a way that you are fooled until you go to his blog and see the whole image, and then all you can think about is the ass acne (assne?) he has.

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