I remember hearing about the actor playing the “new” James Bond a few months ago. Evidently people (ugly people, I’m sure) were bitching about how the new Bond is not pretty enough. Didn’t pay much attention at the time because a) I have never seen a Bond film and don’t have it on my list of things to do and b) I don’t give a shit. While sitting here working tonight, I just saw an ad for the latest installment of the film franchise. I have to say, the guy is really sexy. Attractive in the way you are drawn to someone who looks like he might eat your cat (raw) if left alone in your house (which doesn’t bother me because I don’t like cats) after a night of champagne and whiskey drinking. He looks like he’s been through something, which is what I would assume a special agent would look like. Having someone like Pierce Brosnan playing a tough guy is a bit of a stretch. You need an actor who doesn’t look like he gets facials and manicures.

Unrelated – David Cross is really fucking funny.

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